Swim With Sally


Q. At what age can I start my child swimming?

A. You can start your child at any age as there are lessons available for any child up to age eleven years.  Babies from six weeks old can attend lessons, any earlier; they struggle to maintain their temperature.

Q. How long is the course?

A. The course lasts for twelve weeks, term time.  It is recommended that you continue to attend lessons until your child has completed the Baby Swim Foundation programme for them to get the best benefit of the programme and techniques used.  The aim of this special method of teaching is to give your baby a fighting chance to survive in the event of an accident by helping them develop life saving skills as well as water confidence and basic swimming skills. For children 2 ½ years and upwards the ASA award scheme is used.

Q. How long are the lessons?

A. Each lesson, officially, lasts for 25 minutes, however, sometimes I might add an extra 5 minutes.

Q. How do I book on the courses?

A. You can download an enrolment form from the website, or you can contact Swim With Sally via email, landline or mobile and an enrolment form can be sent out to you.

Q. What does my child wear for their swimming lesson?

A. All children who are not potty trained should wear a double nappy system.  This comprises of a disposable swim nappy or a washable swim nappy, with a ‘Happy Nappy’ made of neoprene, over the top.  This helps to prevent any leakages by sealing around the thigh area and the waist. Avoiding leaks are important, any accidents and the pool will be closed. You can purchase ‘Happy Nappy’s’ from Swim With Sally. Older swimmers, swimming costumes for the girls and trunks for the boys.

Children with long hair should have their hair tied back away from their face.

Q. Does my baby need to be immunised before they join the classes?

A. Your baby can swim without the need of immunisation, as live vaccines are not used anymore.  For more information on this you can go to www.immunisation.org.uk. For health and safety reasons all nappies should be taken home and disposed of.

Q. Should I bring my child swimming if they have a cold or have been unwell?

A. If your child has a runny nose, chesty cough, or a temperature, it is unwise to bring them swimming as they will struggle to enjoy the lesson and could spread their infection around the class. If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea they need to wait at least 7 days before they swim again.  This is due to the possible risk of carrying cryptosporidium and giardia cysts which are immune to chlorine.

Q. My baby cries in the water, what can I do?

A. Babies do cry. It isn’t necessarily due to the water.  It could be that they might be hungry, tired, teething or feeling unwell.  As on land, try to establish if there is a reason.  Try to co-ordinate lessons around usual feed or sleep routines, if you are lucky enough to have one! Sometimes it can take baby a little time to acclimatise to their environment. Taking ‘time out’ with baby and playing with the toys available on poolside can encourage baby to smile again. Try to remain relaxed and positive.  At the end of the lesson, it is good to leave the water in a happy mood!

Q. I can’t swim; can I still bring my baby swimming?

A. Yes!  The pools used for teaching the babies allow you to stand comfortably and within your depth. The teacher will run through the different ways of holding your baby and will guide you throughout the lesson, so you can feel relaxed and share with your baby the wonderful experience the joy of being in the water together brings.

Q. At what age does my child go in the water without me?

A. Usually around the age of 3 ½ years.  If there are children feeling apprehensive with this, the teacher will suggest to the parent, to come in until their child feels comfortable to swim in their lesson without them.  Parents can also watch from the side and reassure if necessary.

Q. Are catch-up lessons available if my child misses their lesson?

A. Catch up lessons are available only if there is room in an equivalent session and at the teachers’ discretion.

Q. What happens if the lesson is cancelled because of snow, ice or other natural phenomena?

A. If the lesson is cancelled and beyond the control of either the swim school or the venue, no refunds will be given. Details of the cancellation will be posted on my website. However, I will try to arrange a catch-up lesson if at all possible.

Q. Can I take photos of my child during their lesson?

A. Under our child protection act, the use of mobile phones, cameras and videoing is forbidden at all the pools, including the poolside and the changing rooms. Once a year, there will be the chance to have an underwater photograph of your child and yourselves, with Dan Burton, a professional photographer.